Sapporo Fish Market

Come and taste delicious sashimi bowl at Sapporo Fish Jyogai Market!

It's about 10 mnutes by taxi from Saapporo Train Station.(fare:about 1,500yen)

There are some 30 wholesale fish shops and restaurants in this area which is adjacent to Sapporo Central Wholesale Market.

The Cenral Wholeale Market serves half of the entire popuation on this island.

And the Jyogai Market serves ctizens and tourists wh seeks freshest seafoods.

There arec rabs, sea urchins, resh fish and scallops…

And do come to Jyogai Market, when you are hungry and want to ry some delicious lunch.

My favorite restaurant is Wakakoma.

They have the most incredibl delicious seafood bowls!


What is seafood bowl?

Well, it is a kind of sushi except it doesn't come in small bitesize pieces.

Everything is arranged n one melon- sized bowl.

First  put vinegared rice in the bowland then arrange all the pieces of slices rawa fish and shellfish.

Shrimp, scallop, sea rchin, salmon, tuna, sea bream and even some vegetalbes and herbs.

Look this shrimp tries to get away! ( looks lke….)



Take a look at our tour which includes a visit to the Sapporo Fish Market

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