Kitaichi Glassware Shop


Kitaichi Glass is a long-established handmade glassware shop in OtaruCity. Glassware is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. You will be fascinated by glass tableware, accessories and art works of high quality and enjoy the gentle warmth and delicacy which can be created only by skilled craftsmen. Kitaichi Glass used to manufacture oil lamps before the electricity came into use, and then moved into making the glass buoys for fishing during the great fishing period of the city. With the changes in lifestyle, the company has come to make products to enrich our lives.

Kitaichi Glass has a couple of stores and a museum within an area of walking distance.

Kitaichi Hall is a pavilion renovated from the warehouse built with a timber frame and stone exterior in the late 19th century.  A glass shop and a café, illuminated with softly glowing gas lamps from around the world which create a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere, will surely attract you. 

At Kitaichi Glass Sakaimachi Studio, you can observe the process of making a blown-glass piece with a blowpipe or a small ornament from rods in a flame. 


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